Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to find hidden followers on your twitter?

Find them and make them appear by applying the following simple trick:

1. Create another twitter profile (account)
2. Search for yourself ( i.e. for your original twitter account) using your newly created account
3. Look at the followers.. They all should appear to you. And recognize the ones whom were hidden to you
4. Copy the hidden follower username X
5. Log out from your new twitter account and log in using your original account
6. Open google and paste the hidden follower username which you got in step 4. Search it like this: X, twitter
7. The account should appear to you within the outcome of the google search
8. Click the link. The profile of the follower should open
9. To the right, on the follower’s page, you will find ‘Actions’ : Unblock follower
10. Click Unblock
11. The follower is now appearing in your followers list
12. If you wish to remove him/ her, you can block him/ her again and he/she will be out of your followers list and will not be counted (Don't fear this step, the follower won't be hidden again)

Hope this helps….. If you have any doubts or require further assistance, please let me know.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

WOMAD @ Abu Dhabi City

Aren’t we fed up yet of singing and dancing like terribly smashed people!! I assure you that if you pick any name randomly from your astonished brain, just any any name, Najwa, Roba, Nora, Sumaya, Sibsibtoora, … , I assure you that there will be an existence of a person of that name whose profession is an “artist” .. Most probably singer. And just big wow, for the high quality and classy art that they present! (Sophisticated)

Mainly, this is not what’s I’m intending to discuss, because it became so boring talking about this issue.

Instead of cleaning up the long long lists that we have, we are just bringing something from abroad to add on top of all what we have..What I’m referring here to, is the “WOMAD” thing!! What WOMAD is?! Oh. Well. As mentioned in this link, WOMAD stands for “World of Music, Arts and Dance”. And it’s an international festival as I understand. Multicultural.
Maybe Abu Dhabi meant to bring cultures to the residents of the city, those who aren’t able to travel and see new cultures. So simply, Abu Dhabi, the miracle city, brings you everything just as that.

When I first heard of the "WOMAD" and that it’s going to be held in Abu Dhabi, I really felt delighted. But now I’m not anymore, when I noticed this (mentioned in the main website):
“WOMAD Beyond will encourage children to approach the unknown in an open and enquiring way, to explore the richness and diversity of the arts of global cultures, including their own. This educational outreach programme for schools will bring musicians and visual artists from Zimbabwe, South Korea, India, Algeria and the UK into schools in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Workshops will include, percussion, dance, voice, musical collaborations, and arts and crafts of the Indian subcontinent and carnival arts from UK. Confirmed artists to be announced.”

Again: “WOMAD Beyond will encourage children to approach the … This educational outreach programme for schools will bring …”.

It could be a perspective at the end of the day, but to me Art & Dance might be of the educational scheme at the universities. But do you really think it would be educational to children?! I think basic sciences and subjects to be taught to our children and schools’ students are very well known and approved by any ministry of education in the world, and it’s obviously doesn’t include Art & Dance in the scheme. Not to leave a gap here; Yes. In UAE, we might be including Music and Sports classes to students’ schedules but that’s only for the sake of refreshing the students and nothing more; i.e. It’s not basic.
Some might not agree with me making it a big deal about that, but I must say when it’s reaching our children, then it IS a big deal.

May God protect us from envies! We are being civilized but God only knows where we will end up with this lame civilization.

Eventually, there is something I wanted to share with you:
Western Schools, more specifically, USA schools, have their students an entertainment by boasting trips to NASA (I’m not sure of this, but I think they go there to learn Arts & Dance). They also invite employees and astronauts from NASA to visit their schools. Students Can Submit Questions for STS-119 Astronauts.. (Do you know What’s STS-119? If not, Google it and come to know it not to let USA students be more enlightened than you!)
Have you ever visited NASA KIDS’ CLUB… If not, you can do so right now by clicking HERE

Outside the discussed topic. NASA Mentiones about the Palm Tree Island (Man-made Island) built by Dubai (UAE) Govrnment. But never mentiones that it's been built in the "Arabian Gulf". Instead they say: built in the "Persian Gulf". This is in the NASA KIDS website. here.
Now I have doubts that USA is against/fighting Iran, at all.

And God Bless

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not cancelling Shakira's Concert in Abu Dhabi for the NYE

Unbelievable! Really unbelievable.

What happened to you Abu Dhabi? Huh?

Israel attacks Gaza in Dec27, 2008. And you celebrate the new year just 4 days after! Celebrate by partying and dancing with that GREAT Shakira? Yeah. I know how funny it sounds mentioning it in this way: “Gaza” and “GREAT Shakira”. And Yes I confirm, sorry! I mean Abu Dhabi confirmed, that Shakira IS great, but Gaza is NOT.

This can never be denied. And I deem, years later in history it should be.

Note: Dubai Ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, ordered cancellation of all New Year celebrations for Gaza.

The National” said: Sheikh Mohammed’s order prohibited hotels, companies or clubs from holding any New Year-specific event. Parties for which bands or DJs had been brought into the country were cancelled, as were firework displays.
While for Abu Dhabi, said “The Shakira concert in Abu Dhabi is going ahead on Wednesday night, quashing rumours it would be cancelled along with other New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai.”

A Shame:
Many people expected the concert to be cancelled.. but they were wrong. Because they forgot that Shakira is greater than Gaza and more important than Gaza.

A Bigger Shame:
Not only Shakira’s concert was held, but also mentioned in “All events in Abu Dhabi, including the Shakira concert at Emirates Palace, are going ahead,”

One more and last whisper: guys I know that the concert maybe doesn't represent the Abu Dhabi Government point of view, that it's been organized to be in the emirates palace garden and not in the public (i.e. like at corniche ). But sorry, we don't accept excuses.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Dubai’s Atlantis Hotel, By the Numbers

The Atlantis, or more properly "Atlantis The Palm," officially opens September 24. Set on the Palm Jumeirah -- one of Dubai's artificial sand atolls -- it has a few things going for it.

● 1,539 rooms
● 27,000 square feet of designer shopping
● 100 feet vertical dive at the Ziggurat water-park ride
● 28 bottle-nose dolphins on the "grounds"
● 65,000 fish in the underwater labyrinths
● 27 spa treatment rooms
● 1 restaurant transplanted from New York’s Tribeca neighborhood (that would be Nobu, of course)
● 43 days before Atlantis officially opens, though they’re taking reservations now

FIRE BREAK in Dubai @ Atlantis Hotel

Again, for the thousand time…….. FIRE BREAK in Dubai !!!
This time in a hotel. Atlantis Hotel. (The 1,539-room Atlantis was scheduled to open its doors on 24 September.) Ameinfo mentioned
A fire broke out at the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah today, Tuesday. (Gulfnews mentioned) I can’t add more talk about fires problems in Dubai than what I’ve said previously in my 2 articles: 14,000 Fire Accidents In The UAE Just In 5 Years and Tower Fire in Dubai Internet City

How sad!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IN PICS: Funeral of Suzan Tamim

Aug05, 2008; Arabianbusiness

1.Relatives of slain Lebanese singer Suzan Tamimcarry her coffin as they leave her parents' house during her funeral in Beirut. Tamim was found dead in Dubai on July 28. (Getty Images)
2.Grieving friends and relatives surround the coffin of Suzan Tamim. The popular singer came to fame in 1996 on a TV talent show. (Getty Images)
3. Her coffin is carried to its final resting place at the funeral in Beirut on August 04. Tamim released two albums and had been twice married. (Getty Images) 4. Abdul Sattar, the father of slain Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim, pictured left, mourns as he helps carry the coffin. (Getty Images)
4. Abdul Sattar, the father of slain Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim, pictured left, mourns as he helps carry the coffin. (Getty Images)

5.Khalil, centre, the brother of Suzan Tamim, and her father Abdul Sattar, right, mourn her death. (Getty Images)
6. Crowds of people gather for the funeral offer their condolences to the father of Suzan Tamim, Abdul Sattar, centre. (Getty Images)
7.A traditional Lebanese music group performs as the funeral procession of slain Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim arrives at her parents' house in Beirut. (Getty Images)
8.The car carrying the coffin of Suzan Tamim arrives at her parents' house prior to her high-profile funeral in Beirut. (Getty Images)

RIP Dear Suzan

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lebenese Singer Death In Her Jumeirah Beach Residence "JBR" Apartment

TRAGIC DEATH: Singer Suzan Tamim was
found dead in her Dubai apartment.

Monday (Jul28, 2008) was the last day in life of the young Lebanese singer Susan Tamim - 31 years old.

She was murdered in her apartment by someone who's still unknown by police.
Dubai Police said the singer was stabbed several hours before her body was discovered. (GulfNews says)
Susan had been living in her apartment in Jumeirah Beach Residence "JBR", Rimal 1 tower, 22nd floor. (The National says)

This is the first accident to happen in JBR and Susan is the first murder victim in JBR. Residents of JBR hope that this accident will be the one and only.

Jumeirah Beach Residence "JBR" residents now don't feel secure.

One New Zealander who lives in the Amwaj cluster of JBR, which is several hundred metres from Tamim’s apartment, said: “There are too many entrances for the apartments to be secure. Pretty much anyone can gain access to the building from the Marina Walk side of the development. Since this has happened, and the fact that we don’t know if this was an isolated incident against this poor woman or if the killer will strike again, I have changed how I go about my day.
“I double lock my door, park my car next to the elevator and check who’s around when I get out of my car. Speaking to my neighbours, it has got a lot of people frightened in JBR, many people are in shock.” (The National says)

RIP Susan.

Note: A group in Facebook has been created for Tamim. To join or view, please click here "RIP Susan Tamim"
UAE Time = GMT+4